Laptops-we-R was birthed out of a desire to meet a demand and to do so in a manner that is different and makes a difference.

We have noticed the high demand for Smartphones and Tablet devices and we have also noted the high prices. Our goal? We wish to educate consumers and provide reliable and cost effective alternatives to the overbudgeted devices currently on the market. Also since phones differe in performance, we are prepared to satisfy those performance needs from small to great.

It is with great pleasure that w've launched our New line of Android phones and will soon be launching Android Tablets.  This year is sure to be an exciting year as we take you through a line of products that have been fully tested before offering to you the consumer.


We think you deserve the chance to make an educated guest when it comes to choosing a Android Smart Phone or Tablet PC and we hope to equipp you with the information


Date February 22, 2013

Wow! The month of February has almost passed and we've been working hard at what we do. We are weekly update our inventory with new Acer and Gateway; Laptop, Notebook, Netbook and Tablet PC parts.

During 2012 we focused on newer Acer & Gateway systems and parts. However, we now realise that there is still moderate demand for older system parts and Laptops-we-R will continue to meet said demands. We will also continue to add to our inventory on a weekly basis.


Date July 2012

During the past 6 months we've been adding new products and transfer data for exisitng products from our other sites. The work continues with many more new products to be listed. In the end even those older legacy Gateway parts will find their place on this new platform.

We also wish to inform our visitors of the urls currently owned by Laptops-we-R. The urls are as follows:,,, and


Date Dec. 2012
Bringing the customers a New and Updated Shopping Experience

Over a year ago we began developing a new website for the retail and wholesale of Acer laptop parts (see Our main focus was on the Acer brand and offering an extended warranty.


During this time our focus was taken from our Original site which has been known to the public for over 8 years. However, we now realise that our main site is what we've become know by. To address this, we present to you, the Alpha version of the 2012 Please drop us a line, as your feeback is greatly appreciated.


Please note that the new site will be a work in progress for the 1st quarter of 2012 with products being added daily. However, the shopping experience and discounts will be well worth the visit. The old urls will be forwarded to the new ones to give a smooth transition. And you can always send us an


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